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Sales manager


1. College degree or above;

2. At least 3 years working experiences in the industry;

3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, good customer service awareness;

4. Working experience in automobile industry/testing industry preferred; Sales experience in climatic chambers and robots preferred;

5. Having driving license, able to travel independently.

Job description:

1. To complete the sales target of the responsible region according to company requirements and tasks assigned by  the department;

2. To make sales plans, develop new customers as planned, maintain old customers, visit customers regularly, grasp and analyze customer/project trends timely;

3. To independently explore, follow up and communicate with customers; Be able to conduct basic technical communication with customers and provide solutions after product technical training,;

4. To participate in industry exhibitions and related market activities to promote company products and solutions;

5. To collect customer information and set up customer files.

Robot application engineer


1. Master degree or above in automation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or related major;

2. Proficient in robot application, be able to independently conduct debugging of robots at automatic workstations or production lines;

3. Hard working, meticulous and strong sense of responsibility;

4. Strong communication skills and problem-solving ability, proactive and team-oriented.

Job description:

1. To perform application development, assist customers in developing robot application packages for automobile testing and medical treatment, etc.;

2. To provide on-site support, help customers to debug robot application development kit, assist customers with communication, programming, error correction and other technical supports;

3. To develop new applications according to customer needs;

4. To collect customer requirements, conduct feasibility analysis and test on customized projects.

Refrigeration engineer


1. Bachelor degree or above in cryogenic and refrigeration technology/energy & power/HVAC or related majors;

2. At least two years working experiences in refrigeration design or related;

3. Familiar with CAD and solidworks;

4. Proficient in refrigeration and welding technology;

Job description:

1. Responsible for the implementation of refrigeration technology of constant temperature and humidity laboratory;

2. Responsible for the refrigeration design of company's environmental simulation test equipment and project promotion;

3. To participate in the design of refrigeration scheme;

4. To formulate 3D drawing of refrigeration system and assist in the improvement of production process;

5. To participate in electrical design related to refrigeration;

6. Responsible for the preparation of refrigeration technology documents;

7. To provide refrigeration-related technical support to production and sales departments;

8. To obey the management rules, and be willing to accept other works arranged by the leadership.

Environmental box design engineer


1. College degree or above in majors such as mechanical design, mechatronics or automation;

2. At least 3 years working experiences in R&D of non-standard automation equipment;

3. Proficient in design of pneumatic, electric and servo motion systems, selection of mechanical standard parts, pneumatic hydraulic components, servo motors and sensors;

4. Proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD;

5. Responsible, rigorous, meticulous, and good team spirit;

6. Experience in environmental test box design is preferred.

Job description:

1. Responsible for product design, R & D of mechanical automation of environmental test equipment, etc.;

2. To communicate with customers about design function and structure, independently complete detailed design of mechanical parts, including the design of mechanical systems and parts, the compilation and management of technical documents of drawings, and the input of BOM lists;

3. To  complete product design in cooperation with sheet metal, refrigeration, electrical and software engineers;

4. To guide the system assembly and debugging on site, and solve technical problems in equipment production and assembly process;

5. To obey management rules and be willing to accept other works arranged by leaders.

Electrical Engineer


1. College degree or above in automation, electrical engineering and automation or mechatronics;

2. At least 3 years relevant working experiences;

3. Having solid electrical knowledge, good command of electrical design skills, experience in designing industrial equipment will be preferred;

3. Proficient in CAD and PLC programming;

4. Clear thinking, rigorous logic, accurate self-cognition and awareness of continuous self-improvement ;

5. Good interpersonal skills, positive teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

Job description:

1. Responsible for the electrical design of products (system design, component selection, drawing and product debugging);

2. Responsible for the compilation and revision of relevant process documents;

3. Responsible for product realization planning, progress tracking and quality control;

4. To provide technical support for production, installation and debugging of products, and after-sales service;

5. To collect and summarize test data, make summary support.

Mechanical Design Engineer


1. College degree or above in industrial automation or mechanical design, etc.;

2. At least 3 years relevant working experiences, proficient in mechanical principle, mechanical 

processing technology, mechanism design and calculation check;

3. Proficient in AutoCAD and 3d design softwares, such as Solidworks;

4. Familiar with servo, frequency conversion and other drive scheme design, non-standard design and aerodynamic design;

5. Experience in test equipment design is preferred;

6. Teamwork spirit, active thinking, good at thinking and working seriously.

Job description:

1. Responsible for mechanical scheme design and selection of systems;

2. Responsible for design and development of test tooling;

3. Responsible for reasonably arranging design plans according to customer requirements to ensure the design progress;

4. Responsible for compiling system mechanical drawings (including assembly drawings and parts drawings) , which shall accurately reflect customer needs;

5. Responsible for formulating the manufacturing and processing specifications of mechanical products, and supervising the quality of mechanical manufacturing;

6. Responsible for developing mechanical test plan, and completing mechanical test and debugging.