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Chunyang focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing robotic systems for functional testing of automotive interior and exterior trim.

Combined with years of experience in the automotive testing industry, our testing system has extremely high efficiency, minimalist operation and high quality visual graphics, enabling you to get the test results you want quickly and easily. For different customers, we focus more on customized design and provide reliable testing equipment for customers. Develop customized special solutions according to different needs. Like environmental testing, the robot protection system designed by us can make the robot work normally in harsh environment (- 30 ~80 C).

Our services are not limited to the equipment itself. Our employees come from the fields of software engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile testing and project management. They can provide on-site training, remote diagnosis, maintenance and professional help. We always believe that high quality service is the basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

R&D and innovation are our driving forces. We are not confined to the automotive industry. We hope to work with you in the future to develop test robotic systems for all walks of life.

  • 01 On-The-Spot Training
  • 02 Remote Diagnosis
  • 03 Maintain
  • 04 Speciality